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The spurious science of baby
28 August, 2014

The spurious science of baby

Babies are amazing scientists. As creatures who know very little about anything, every day as a baby is a day for trying out new things and exploring the world. And as a new parent you spend just as much time trying to figure out how the baby works. What makes it sleep? What makes it […]

15 August, 2014

There are so many things to learn, and not just about driving

Here’s hoping they can tell their left from their right.

Things I learned from being on fire
5 June, 2014

Things I learned from being on fire

Yesterday I set myself on fire. And I don’t mean that figuratively in a “I got wildly excited about something*”. I literally set myself on fire. This happened in the course of me making soup. I was heating the beginnings of said soup on the stove and noticed a bit of smoke, presumably from something […]

26 May, 2014

Marcus Chown Interview

Several years ago I had the opportunity to interview Marcus Chown, author, Science big-brain, and thoroughly pleasant individual.

4 April, 2014

Why don’t I already have one of these?

Seriously though, I need this.

4 March, 2014

The horrors of Plunket – A bag of inside out baby faces

None of my parenting/baby books prepared me for this.

23 February, 2014

Places you don’t expect to find a review of Toy Story 2

In the background during the Christchurch episode of Tony Robinson’s Time Walks.

21 February, 2014

Proof that daytime television is a form of torture

Dr Oz teaches ‘Murica the correct way to pop a zit. Really.

Earthquake survival tips for newbies
22 July, 2013

Earthquake survival tips for newbies

I wrote a post offering Wellingtonians some earthquake survival tips and then Seven Sharp decided to do a very cut down version of it for their show. This involved lying on my pregnant belly on the floor under my coffee table on my dirty carpet. Ah well.  

The ham diaries
8 January, 2013

The ham diaries

Hello! And welcome to the first Blog Idle post of 2013. I’d like to say that it’s great to be back but if I’m being really honest with you (which is something I generally try to make a good stab at) then I’d much rather be either asleep or, depending on what time of day […]

Gothic gals
Gothic gals
16 September, 2017
The Nerd Degree: Librarians
The Nerd Degree: Librarians
11 August, 2017
The Nerd Degree: Spaceships
The Nerd Degree: Friends
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  • RT : Some polling booths ran out of enrolment forms today. The advises potential voters to enrol online before midnight tonight.,
  • If you're a librarian and a fan of my posts, AND going to , you should check out @kimtairi's workshop on Wed.,
  • Adidas three-stripe in the HOUSE! Also some new hoops. ,
  • Toddler woke me at 4:50am but at least the 3 hr meeting I was supposed to have this afternoon was rescheduled. ,
  • I'm not saying I'm seeing the election everywhere but... ,