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26 May, 2014

Marcus Chown Interview

Several years ago I had the opportunity to interview Marcus Chown, author, Science big-brain, and thoroughly pleasant individual.

4 April, 2014

Why don’t I already have one of these?

Seriously though, I need this.

4 March, 2014

The horrors of Plunket – A bag of inside out baby faces

None of my parenting/baby books prepared me for this.

23 February, 2014

Places you don’t expect to find a review of Toy Story 2

In the background during the Christchurch episode of Tony Robinson’s Time Walks.

21 February, 2014

Proof that daytime television is a form of torture

Dr Oz teaches ‘Murica the correct way to pop a zit. Really.

Earthquake survival tips for newbies
22 July, 2013

Earthquake survival tips for newbies

I wrote a post offering Wellingtonians some earthquake survival tips and then Seven Sharp decided to do a very cut down version of it for their show. This involved lying on my pregnant belly on the floor under my coffee table on my dirty carpet. Ah well.  

The ham diaries
8 January, 2013

The ham diaries

Hello! And welcome to the first Blog Idle post of 2013. I’d like to say that it’s great to be back but if I’m being really honest with you (which is something I generally try to make a good stab at) then I’d much rather be either asleep or, depending on what time of day […]

The Week That Was, 28 October 2011
28 October, 2011

The Week That Was, 28 October 2011

Radar, Kathryn Ryan, and I discuss American cuisine, ghost chips, Barbie dolls, kakapo vomit and John Key’s ménage à trois handshake.

The Week That Was, 29 July 2011
29 July, 2011

The Week That Was, 29 July 2011

Kathryn Ryan, Jon Bridges and I discuss Amy Winehouse, tree climbing, aggressive kangaroos and more. There are some really terrible puns, most of them not mine. Just saying.

The Week That Was, 6 May 2011
6 May, 2011

The Week That Was, 6 May 2011

Kathryn Ryan, Te Radar and I discuss cellphones, parking, chemical toilets, fishy foot spas and other amazing things.

  • "No, I'm not Mike the pogo stick." David Lynch has nothing on a 3 year old talking to his Lego.,
  • Forgot about so here's a drunk one. ,
  • Kay Eff Seeeee! ,
  • You know you're I'd when you get drunk and all you want to talk about is infrastructure. ,
  • Someone just asked me if I wanted another drink and in answer I raised my arms up and sang "baaabysiitterr". So that's where we're at.,