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About Moata

Moata and laptop (so much in love)Residing in Christchurch “Quake City”, New Zealand, Moata Tamaira is a qualified librarian, unqualified mother, award-winning blogger, and impassioned opinionist.

Moata loves telling stories online which sometimes means creating and editing informative web content, sometimes explaining why she’s not allowed entry into Spain (it’s a long story).

Since 2007 she has written Moata’s Blog Idle on Stuff.co.nz for which she won ‘Best Blog’ in the 2009 Qantas Media Awards, and was a finalist for the same category in the 2011 and 2013 Netguide Web Awards.

Moata has also written for lifestyle website Cake Oven, The Spinoff, and Christchurch City Libraries.

She occasionally snarks in other media such as radio, television or on stage.

Moata’s hobbies include Joss Whedon worship, Googling symptoms to see what diseases she might have, and avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers on Twitter. She can often be found complimenting strangers on their shoes.

She also has an Honours degree in Linguistics which hasn’t been that useful but certainly was very expensive, so why not mention it?

Moata is available for freelance writing projects and other media gigs.