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The Nerd Degree: Cake
26 June, 2017

The Nerd Degree: Cake

Cake. It’s safe to say, I’m a fan. And when it comes to the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cakes book, I take that shit seriously. So when I say if I were a cake I’d be the swimming pool cake, even though it’s clearly for comedy purposes… I’m also deadly serious. Any cake that […]

Nutribullet has incredible news about nutritioning
13 August, 2015

Nutribullet has incredible news about nutritioning

None of us should pay too much attention to television adverts. And I should definitely not get my gruds in a bunch about any of them. Do you sense a but coming? But the latest advert for Nutribullet (which can be viewed on the Nutribullet website) has me yelling/laughing every time I see it.

13 July, 2015


We all have our quirks and preferences. Luckily mine are mostly harmless. But having figured out what my preferences are, I do like to indulge in them if I can. I want my cider without ice. I want my peanut butter crunchy. Nobody will be maimed if I don’t get these things but I will […]

Unhinged ginger binge
6 March, 2015

Unhinged ginger binge

Over the summer I went slightly mad for boozy ginger beers. Not “dancing on tabletops” mad, I have a toddler to take care of and trust me when I say hangovers and demanding babies are not a good combination. Basically, I just wanted to try as many of the different ginger beers available.

The Princess Bride hostess with the mostest
1 February, 2015

The Princess Bride hostess with the mostest

I recently turned forty and by way of celebration I threw a Princess Bride screening party for my friends and family.

Mother knows best
14 January, 2015

Mother knows best

Mothers. All knowing bestowers of wisdom. As children we expect them to be the font of all knowledge. How glad I am that unlike previous generations I have the Internet at my disposal. For eventually The Master will get old enough to ask curly questions like “why is the sky blue?“, “why do cats purr?” […]

4 April, 2014

Why don’t I already have one of these?

Seriously though, I need this.

The ham diaries
8 January, 2013

The ham diaries

Hello! And welcome to the first Blog Idle post of 2013. I’d like to say that it’s great to be back but if I’m being really honest with you (which is something I generally try to make a good stab at) then I’d much rather be either asleep or, depending on what time of day […]

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