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Sad brides and gypsohila
24 May, 2015

Sad brides and gypsohila

As an engaged person, I am technically in an “in between” state, maritally speaking. I often have to remind myself that being engaged sort of entails an intent to marry, which means … a wedding.

30 April, 2015
Keep it in your pants
4 April, 2015

Keep it in your pants

Being one half of an engaged couple means there are a lot of important questions to answer. When will should we get married? Can we dress our son up as an Ewok for the wedding? Is picking out china still a thing that people do and how I can I use my influence to make […]

Charity shop of horrors
5 March, 2015

Charity shop of horrors

In recent years I have become increasingly fond of op shops. Often I’ll enter one not knowing what I’m even looking for, only that I have the urge to “rummage”.

20 February, 2015

Awesome family car for sale

I took a photo of this car for sale at the side of the road yesterday and then showed it to my fiancé, saying that as it’s a station wagon it would make a great family car. His reaction was to question the state of the mileage.

11 February, 2015

Why does the Wellington Christian Science Church look like an albino walrus with cataracts and gingivitis?

Apparently it’s “an Ian Athfield”. I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but what the fuck was he thinking?

26 January, 2015

You’ve heard of tape worm? Well, this is tape p*nis.

  Is tape the new tagging? Is this what the kids are into nowdays?

29 October, 2014

A horse is a horse, of course, of course

“Kids are stupid. They don’t even know what horses look like.”