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Art Wars
24 March, 2017

Art Wars

Years ago, (2012 if we’re being exact) before I had a child, I had a bunch of free time on my hands and spent some of it scrolling through the online collection of Christchurch Art Gallery.

22 February, 2016

Three Februaries: 2011-2012-2016

A picture of me in the same place at three different moments in time. Feb 2011: After the 6.3 magnitude earthquake on 22 February 2011, immediately after we had left the building, my friend and workmate took a photo of me with her phone. The expression on my face probably says everything. I’m looking towards […]

30 April, 2015
20 February, 2015

Awesome family car for sale

I took a photo of this car for sale at the side of the road yesterday and then showed it to my fiancé, saying that as it’s a station wagon it would make a great family car. His reaction was to question the state of the mileage.

11 February, 2015

Why does the Wellington Christian Science Church look like an albino walrus with cataracts and gingivitis?

Apparently it’s “an Ian Athfield”. I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but what the fuck was he thinking?

26 January, 2015

You’ve heard of tape worm? Well, this is tape p*nis.

  Is tape the new tagging? Is this what the kids are into nowdays?

23 January, 2015

I somehow got invited to a NZ cricket press conference

Twitter is marvellous for a number of reasons not the least of which is that sometimes you get invited to events happening in your town if you happen to follow people who are involved with said events. This is how I (and the fiancé, and the baby) ended up being invited to a press conference […]

23 January, 2015

The spurious science of baby: Centripetal force

This was a drawing I meant to include in my original Spurious science of baby post but forgot about for some reason. So I thought I might draw it anyway. There really is no parental joy like that of being bludgeoned on a daily basis by a supposed “helpless” infant.

  • "No, I'm not Mike the pogo stick." David Lynch has nothing on a 3 year old talking to his Lego.,
  • Forgot about so here's a drunk one. ,
  • Kay Eff Seeeee! ,
  • You know you're I'd when you get drunk and all you want to talk about is infrastructure. ,
  • Someone just asked me if I wanted another drink and in answer I raised my arms up and sang "baaabysiitterr". So that's where we're at.,