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My Katee Sackhoff Girl-crush
17 March, 2015

My Katee Sackhoff Girl-crush

Armageddon Expo. If you’ve never been to the annual pop culture event, it could be because you don’t live in one of the main centres. Or maybe you’re just the kind of person who has no desire whatsoever to come face to face with a zombie.

Project TARDIS: Armageddon Cosplay
8 March, 2015

Project TARDIS: Armageddon Cosplay

I’ve just been at Armageddon Expo*, the annual pop culture convention. I go most years. It’s a bit of a mixed bag of which I’m only really interested in 30% but there were a couple of years after the earthquakes when I couldn’t go so I try to make the effort now

Why a female Dr Who would definitely work
31 January, 2015

Why a female Dr Who would definitely work

Recently the 5th doctor, Peter Davison (who by-the-by was probably my favourite as a kid, though Tom Baker will always have a special place in my heart too) made some comments about whether there should be a woman Doctor Who (or rather, a Doctor Who who happens to be a woman).

  • "No, I'm not Mike the pogo stick." David Lynch has nothing on a 3 year old talking to his Lego.,
  • Forgot about so here's a drunk one. ,
  • Kay Eff Seeeee! ,
  • You know you're I'd when you get drunk and all you want to talk about is infrastructure. ,
  • Someone just asked me if I wanted another drink and in answer I raised my arms up and sang "baaabysiitterr". So that's where we're at.,