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Wilderpeople adventures
12 April, 2016

Wilderpeople adventures

So a couple of weeks ago this amazing thing happened where my fiancé, who is something of a clever clogs, won a competition via Air New Zealand for tickets to the red carpet premiere of Taika Waititi’s latest film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”. I was pretty durn excited about it, I can tell you.

How beige was my CBD
17 March, 2015

How beige was my CBD

Central Christchurch. It ain’t what it used to be. I mean, BIG time. New buildings are rising out of the rubble at a surprising rate now (after the last four years anything faster than glacial speed feels pretty giddy) but buildings aren’t people.

Why a female Dr Who would definitely work
31 January, 2015

Why a female Dr Who would definitely work

Recently the 5th doctor, Peter Davison (who by-the-by was probably my favourite as a kid, though Tom Baker will always have a special place in my heart too) made some comments about whether there should be a woman Doctor Who (or rather, a Doctor Who who happens to be a woman).

8 January, 2015

If, as a film reviewer, you refer to a character as an “unlikely hero” and that character is both a dude and white I’m going to have to assume that either a) you don’t watch very many movies or b) you don’t understand what the word “unlikely” means.

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