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What not to watch while pregnant
11 February, 2015

What not to watch while pregnant

In November 2013 I started writing a blog post about movies and television episodes to avoid watching while pregnant. I never finished writing it because the next day we were informed that our baby would be arriving ahead of schedule. As I know several people who are pregnant at the moment I thought it would be […]

8 January, 2015

If, as a film reviewer, you refer to a character as an “unlikely hero” and that character is both a dude and white I’m going to have to assume that either a) you don’t watch very many movies or b) you don’t understand what the word “unlikely” means.

  • "No, I'm not Mike the pogo stick." David Lynch has nothing on a 3 year old talking to his Lego.,
  • Forgot about so here's a drunk one. ,
  • Kay Eff Seeeee! ,
  • You know you're I'd when you get drunk and all you want to talk about is infrastructure. ,
  • Someone just asked me if I wanted another drink and in answer I raised my arms up and sang "baaabysiitterr". So that's where we're at.,