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The Nerd Degree: Heart of Dorkness
14 February, 2017

The Nerd Degree: Heart of Dorkness

Just in time for Valentines Day, it’s the love-themed episode of everyone’s favourite “pop culture quiz show that’s recorded at Orange Studios”, The Nerd Degree. This episode is notable for me reading a poem I wrote about my first celebrity crush, Kirk Cameron.

The best literary boyfriend ever
30 April, 2015

The best literary boyfriend ever

It is the height of foolishness to fall in love with a literary character.

The good and the bad of coupledom
26 February, 2015

The good and the bad of coupledom

Oh, St Valentine. If you’d known about the deluge of heart-shaped trinkets, couples getaways, miniscule underwear and jewellery of questionable taste that would be thrust upon the world like a sweaty, unwanted suitor every year in your name would you still have performed all those clandestine wedding ceremonies

Choppers and Proposals
9 December, 2014

Choppers and Proposals

How crazy has the last week been for me? Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Turned 40. Had a facial. Flew in a helicopter. Watched some frolicking dolphins. Threw a Princess Bride Party. Oh, and I’m now engaged to a Rodent Of Unusual Size. So yeah, been pretty busy. […]

  • "No, I'm not Mike the pogo stick." David Lynch has nothing on a 3 year old talking to his Lego.,
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  • You know you're I'd when you get drunk and all you want to talk about is infrastructure. ,
  • Someone just asked me if I wanted another drink and in answer I raised my arms up and sang "baaabysiitterr". So that's where we're at.,