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Christchurch is Pawnee…again
26 January, 2015

Christchurch is Pawnee…again

A couple of years ago, Christchurch pop culture enthusiast (among other things), James Dann, noticed that the TV show Parks and Recreation was using a map of little old Christchurch as a stand in for Pawnee.

23 January, 2015

I somehow got invited to a NZ cricket press conference

Twitter is marvellous for a number of reasons not the least of which is that sometimes you get invited to events happening in your town if you happen to follow people who are involved with said events. This is how I (and the fiancé, and the baby) ended up being invited to a press conference […]

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  • So. Much. Mucus. ,
  • Me today. ,
  • RT : Kia ora koutou! 📚 We're looking to build our pool of reviewers of te reo Māori books for kids - please RT & email 📚,
  • Today incl. a trip to the after hours clinic for ear infection meds for the 3 year old and a birthday dinner for my mum. Plus we're all sick,
  • Looks like the toddler has an ear infection. Hooray, first week at preschool!,