The Nerd Degree: Star Wars Special II

Yet again I pretended to know more about a topic than I do and got to mix it with the nerds on another panel-quiz-podcast sesh of the Nerd Degree. Full disclosure – I may have bribed my way onto the show with the promise of cookies.

Yes, actual cookies. See?

This time I answered approximately 3 questions correctly because Ben Allan knows everything about Star Wars to an excruciatingly obsessive level. Truly, it’s a thing to behold. Just listen to him in that quotes round.

I also sat next to Ben during a midnight screening of Rogue One which went something like:

Me: Hmm, that seems vaguely familiar…

Ben: *mentally recalls the model number/full name/birthday of a tertiary Star Wars character/robot/vehicle while making happy fanboy noises*

Me: Yep. Guess it is familiar.

So give the episode a listen. I am especially proud of my limerick about Jabba the Hutt because it managed to combine my two passions of Star Wars AND smashing the patriarchy. Word.

Also available on iTunes.

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