The Nerd Degree: Brains ajar

This episode was about brains but that does not in any way make it cerebral. I somehow have managed to yet again mention what used to euphemistically be known as “marital aids”. How does this keep happening to me? I’m starting to think it’s not a coincidence.

This episode is also noteworthy in that I finally came up with a team name that someone else was willing to go with, namely “Neuron Burgundy”.

Also noteworthy because I cocked up my homework, which was to come up with a mindblowing TED talk so I basically sat quietly by myself for 10 minutes staring out the window at a Streets Cornetto street billboard.

So yeah, I basically Keyser Söze’d the shit out of it.

Stay classy, podcast listeners…

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Image credit: Jesse Orrico, public domain image via

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