The Nerd Degree: Fairy tales

Fun fact. I was not supposed to be in this Nerd Degree episode about fairy tales. I was supposed to be sitting in the audience, sipping my beer having a nice relaxing time but then they needed a score-keeper and no one else was available so I did it.

This basically involved pushing some buttons (I did cock this up at the end somewhat – hi, I’m Moata and I work in IT and a trained monkey could literally have done a better job at button pushing than I did. Oh well, NERVES, EH?). Also, mainly my input involved making up some points and trying not to laugh too much directly into the microphone. There’s some pretty fucked up shit in this episode, so that was actually somewhere in the vicinity of difficult at certain points. I nearly burst something trying to hold chuckles in.

So don’t let me have suffered for nothing. Do give it a listen.


Also available on iTunes.

Image credit: Haitao Zeng, public domain image via

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