Gothic gals

I was thrilled to be asked to take part recently in a WORD Christchurch session as part of their Shifting Points of View “mini-festival”. Actress Rebecca Vaughan (who was mesmerizing in her show Jane Eyre: An autobiography), YA author Karen Healey, WORD Christchurch Director and novelist Rachael King, and little old me getting together onstage to gab about all our favourite gothic heroines, dodgy love interests, and “women with great hair fleeing gothic houses”.

Rebecca Vaughan, Karen Healey, and Moata Tamaira
Not really sure what I’m doing here but rest assured I did not need medical assistance. (Rebecca Vaughan, Karen Healey, and Me. File reference:IMG_2323, Photo by Donna Robertson.

It was great, and I think I managed not to sound like too much of a lightweight given the literary knowledge of the other three ladies taking part. Or maybe I did. Who cares, I had a great time doing it.

And luckily Plains FM recorded it so you can have a listen to it, if you missed out on the night.

One of my library colleagues also did a write up of the session, and yet another took some photos. I nearly didn’t wear the hat, but then decided that when you go gothic, you’ve really got to pull out all the “mad widow” stops.

I was so gothic-focused just prior to this event that I got all excited and helped fund a Kickstarter for a comics anthology called Gothic Tales of Haunted Love.

Takeaways from the night were that a) Rebecca’s show is fantastic and if you ever get to see it, or probably any other Dyad Productions, you’re in for a treat and b) I don’t care what anyone says… Dalton is the best Rochester.

Rochester and Jane Eyre kiss



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