The Nerd Degree: Roles/Rolls

In this episode of everyone’s favourite nerd comedy panel show, The Nerd Degree, Brendon needed a companion show to the one about rocks and… this is what he came up with.

But from that somewhat awkward pun came a great show that I really enjoyed listening to even though I was there the first time!

Highlights/lowlights include –

  • More awkward puns! At least one of them mine!
  • An amazing Suessian poem from Dan Bain
  • A terrible David Mitchell impersonation (mine again)
  • My first ever Dungeons and Dragons experience
  • I make dick jokes (one of which was actually on purpose!)

And it’s not all just lols. An important bit of info at the end of this episode is that the next live Recording of The Nerd Degree will be a Star Wars Christmas Special on the night before the opening of Episode IX: The Last Jedi. So join us at Orange Studios 7.30pm, Wednesday 13 December – then if you’ve got the stamina, head to a midnight screening like the rest of us nerds will be doing.

Or just kick back and listen to this episode, I guess.

Also available on iTunes.

Featured image, public domain by seabass creatives on Unsplash

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