The Nerd Degree: Star Wars Special III

Very, very early this morning I watched Episode VIII: The Last Jedi at the cinema and hours before that I recorded the semi-traditional Star Wars episode of nerd comedy podcast panel show, The Nerd Degree.

There are a number of diehard Star Wars fans in the Nerd Degree roster and these episodes are always a good time, if only for revealing the depths of arcane knowledge held in the skull of Mr Ben Allan.

I had the honour of being in a team with Centuri Chan, who was in full scout trooper gear and who very generously let me try on his helmet. Squee!

Highlights in this episode include:

  • Star Wars skirt by meThe debut of my Star Wars skirt that I made especially for the evening. Fabric care of the clearance table at Spotlight. (if you’d like to make one yourself I used this pattern and instructions from Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing – though I did add in a pocket, because POCKETS)
  • Aforementioned helmet wearing
  • A special round of questions written by host Brendon’s wife Emma, a very curious non-fan who asked some really weird and wonderful things
  • Just the general “we’re all going to see a Star Wars movie soon – yippee” excitement
  • I wrote a poem about the Sarlacc and it’s not that easy to find rhymes for “ominivorous invertebrate” but I think I pulled it off.

If you’re super into this, you might also be interested in listening to Star Wars special II.

Also available on iTunes.

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